Hettlite Pro Adjustable Single Channel Micropipette (0.5-10ul) Hettich, Germany (Copy)

  • Professional Single Channel Micropipette
  • Range of Capacity: 0.5-10μL
  • Brand: Hettich
  • Made in Germany
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৳ 16,000.00


Hettlite Pro Adjustable Single Channel Micropipette 0.5-10ul for Laboratory Use.

  • Single Channel Pipettes 0.5-10ul
  • Exchangeable volume control knob
  • Finger Hook
  • Ergonomic Body
  • Robust design and ultimate precision
  • Volume Lock
  • Tip ejector
  • Fully autoclavable body
  • Serial number
  • Dual “0” ring technology
  • The steel alloy plunger does not bend or break
  • Thick synthetic polymer seals do not split or leak and can be used for many years without replacement costs
  • A robust steel alloy body protects internal components from damage if dropped
  • Utilizes a double seal design to prevent leakage that may occur with a single seal
  • A large ejection spring provides low ejection forces
  • The aluminum alloy shaft offers superior durability while making tip loading easy and the shaft does not wear down from loading friction
  • Brand: Hettich
  • Made in Germany
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