Our Services

Scope of Work (High Voltage, Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Substation)

  1. Substation Design:
  • Site Survey and Single Line Diagram design.
  • Layout Design.
  • Design cable route and cable schedule.
  1. Installation of Substation:
  • Installation of power transformer, auxiliary transformer, GIS, AIS Panels, CT, PT, LA, DS/ES etc.
  • Cable Laying.
  • Cable Tray Installation and Fabrication.
  • Earthing System Installation.
  • Installation of DC system (Battery, Battery Charger).
  1. Transportation:

We don’t have our own transport but we offer to transport equipments from sea port to site (Custom Clearance is not in our scope) and Loading and Unloading Services.




  1. Power Transformer (Manufacturer: XIAN XD)
  2. Auxiliary / Earthing Transformer (Manufacturer: Charoenchai Transformer Co. ltd)
  3. Substation Control & Protection Panels Up to 230kV (Manufacturer: XIAN Electric Co. Ltd)
  4. Circuit Breakers (MCCB, MCB, VCB) (Manufacturer: SIEMENS, ABB, XIAN XD(Specially VCB’s))
  5. AC Distribution Panel and DC Distribution Panel.