High Voltage Substation Solution

High Voltage Substation Solution

Substation Design:

  •      * Site Survey and Single Line Diagram Design
  •      * Layout Design
  •      * Project Schedule and Creating Estimate
  •      * Drawing and Requirement to Connect With Transmission Line
  •      * Earthing/ Grounding System Design (IEEE-80)
  •      * Equipment Specification Check

Substation Engineering

  •      * Fault Level Calculation
  •      * Soil Resistivity Test and Calculation
  •      * Step and Touch Voltage Calculation
  •      * Cable Sizing Calculation
  •      * CT, PT Sizing Calculation
  •      * Relay Setting Calculaion
  •      * Secondary Scheme, Protection Scheme Design Cable Schedule

Installation of Substation

* Installation of Power Transformers, GIS, AIS, Panels Etc.

* Installation Of Steel Structure With On Site Fabrication

* Cable Laying

* Cable Tray Installation and Fabrication

* Grounding System Installation

Testing And Commissioning

With A Huge Number of Testing Equipment and Experts, REVERIE is fully capable to Test and Commission up to 400kV without Any Other Expert support. REVERIE provides

* Ratio, Polarity, Tan-Delta, Insulation Resistance, Winding Resistance, Polarity, Capacitance, Knee Point Voltage, Magnetic Balance Test

* Breaker Timing and Analyzing

* Transformer Oil Test

* Protection Relays Test of

1. ABB




5. GE

6. SEL

* Protective Function Test Of

1. Over Current

2. Earth Fault

3. Differential

4. Distance

5. Bus bar Differential

6. Auto Re-closer

7. Power Swing


Transportation REVERIE does not have their own transportation System. To provide a “one point” service, REVERIE Offers:

* Customs Clearance of Equipment

* Inland Transportation of Equipment

* Loading and Unloading Services

* Shifting and Placing Large Transformers

Into The Base

Civil Construct ruction Though Completed a Few Number of Jobs in Civil, REVERIE has invested to buy machineries and equipment for civil Works. REVERIE is able to provide:

* Sub-soil Investigation Work

* Pile Integrity Test& Pile Load Test

* Material Test, Slump Test and Compressive Strength Test of Concrete

* Complete Civil Design of Substation & Transmission Line

Construction procedure and construction micro-schedule making